Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to write a little note~

Well, we have already had a quite eventful March. I can't for one thing believe that it is already March of 2010. I can't believe that the girls are going to be in 6th and 3rd grade in not that long. I find myself sitting here and wondering where did the time go? But then I look at the house and I look at the yard and I look at the laundry and I am slowly kicked back into reality and quickly remember that I have been working my butt off in and around this house. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying..."Bless this Mess!" :)

I have been trying to take as many pictures as possible but I find myself forgetting my camera more than I remember it! I have taken a few pictures that I will share here with this post and just give you all a little reminder of what the girls look like at their ages 10 (almost 11) and 8.

Tiffani had a wonderful birthday with a beautiful homemade cake and some cool presents along with some gift cards and some foo foo things. She is such a little beauty queen and loves anything to do with hair and make up! It is pretty cute! We decided to do the cake that Tiffani wanted..we weren't sure as far as what shape or theme we were going to to until I actually just did it, and when I looked down at the cake..completely bare, DUH..She's eight, I have 4 round cakes...8..I couldn't even believe that I Hadn't thought of it sooner. I thought that it turned out perfect, but then again I am a little biased. Everyone in the family thought that it turned out great too but they had to they are my family. LOL. It was a purple and pink raspberry flavored yellow cake with lots of cream cheese frosting, just like Tiffani wanted!

Travis celecrated his 30th birthday and I think that he took it harder than I did, we celebrated his birthday with a homemade camoflauge cake and a dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. He got some tickets to the MMA-UFC fights here locally and got some new video games for his playstation. I think that he was happy with everything other than the age he turned!

There has been a lot going on here and there has been a lot of planning about what we're going to do when we decide to move out of State. At this point we believe that we would like to choose Alaska. But have also looked into the facts that we might not want to stay there forever because of the weather, so we are looking into Colorado and also Arizona. We haven't made a for sure, for sure plan yet, but everyday we get closer and closer to our final decision and destination. I just thought that I would update this blog because I have been such a slacker and I thought that would update you with some pictures as well. I hope that you are all doing well...

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  1. LOVE the cake... what a great idea! It looked super yummy - I could almost taste it.

    Moving out of state??? .